Our team prepared some tips how to spend your time in Saint Petersburg with pleasure
Food tips
A democratic restaurant with an open kitchen and a lively atmosphere of the European market. There are no waiters in the restaurant-market. The space is divided into counters where you can find dishes from around the world, and cooks and bartenders will always recommend the best dishes to your taste.

Food type: Italian, Russian, European


- nab. kanala Griboedova, 8/1

- Nevsky pr. 24

- Ligovsky pr., 30A, Galeria mall, 4 fl.

Price range: 197 ₽ - 525 ₽

1. self-serving café with restaurant quality service. The unique project by GINZA project, №1 concern in Russia in catering sphere. Here, you can not only find a huge range of dishes from wok to steamed salmon but also create your own sets or combinations.

Food type: Italian, Asian, Fast food, Russian, European

Address: Nevsky pr. 114-116 | Nevsky centre (Stockmann), 5 fl.

Price range: 328 ₽ - 525 ₽

Warm decoration with lace, chintz lampshades, floral wallpaper, soft sofas, carved mirrors, painted cupboard and truly homely comfort from the first minutes has a powerful, thoughtful meal.
After lunch, all the ways lead to the Katyusha Tasting Room - the exhibition room, where guided tours and lectures about the drinking traditions of the Soviet Union take place, tasting of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that our parents drank are held, and souvenirs are waiting for mementos.

Address: Nevsky pr. 22/24

Price range: 131 ₽ - 1 445 ₽
The entourage of the Soviet classic cottage in all its charm - jars of pickles and jam on the shelves, lace tablecloths, paunch fridge and an old moped at a firewood pile. Dachniki serves a huge range of typical Russian dishes - from self-made pelmeni and varenniki, potatoes with forest mushrooms and daily sour soup to grandmother's pancakes, cheesecakes and all kinds of pies. You can easily find this place by cow mow and
cock crowing sounds J

Address: Nevsky pr. 20
Pirogovyy dvorik
Cozy place with huge range of pies with fillings, you can finds typical pies with fish or cabbage as well as more sophisticated pies made of rye dough and eggplants with goat cheese. Every day you can try lunches and dinners for valuable prices including soviet style ones.

Food type: Fast Food, Russian, Soups, Eastern European

- nab. kanala Griboedova, 22/5

- Efimova st., 3

- Malyy prospect P.S., 1B

Pyshechnaya 1958
The oldest donut place in Saint Petersburg and most authentic one. You can experience pyshki as they were 40 years ago with iced sugar and craft paper around. We suggest you to check their Instagram page, it is unique and modern :)
If you are very lucky then you will make a friend with the local ginger cat who is a mascot of this place!

Address: Bolshaya Konyushennaya st., 25

Ketch Up Burgers
Universal place for business meetings and Friday parties, stylish design and atmosphere combining with unique dishes will deliver a great experience for everyone. Some tips: try their cheese soup and Siberian burger with lamb, mmmm, yummy :P

Average bill per person: 600-700


- Sadovaya st. 40

- Liteyniy Prospect, 59

- 6 Liniya V.O., 29

City grill
With the spirit of American eatery this place became a modern and stylish fast food café with juicy cutlets in the buns. Better to see ones then to hear 10 times! You will like the names of burgers, Black Jack with Jack Daniels sauce is the favorite.

Average bill: 500-600


- Vosstaniya st. 1

- Rubinstein st. 4

- nab. kanala Griboedova, 20

Koreana Light
Have you ever tried Korean style burgers? Not yet?! Then this is definitely your "must go" choice, two layers of rice buns topped with red pepper sauce and juicy beef layer, mashita! Also you can try kimchi soup with the most famous Korean bibimpab.

Average bill: 500-600

Address: Nevsky pr. 95

Fancy sightseeings
Podpisnyye Izdaniya
More than just a book store, it has its unique spirit. Enjoy cozy and warm atmosphere of Saint Petersburg traditions while drinking coffee in the store or feel yourself as a librarian using roller ladders to reach upper shelves with books.

Address: Liteyniy Prospect, 57
Grand Maket Russia Interactive Museum
It is a great opportunity to see Saint Petersburg from a bird's eye view. Collective images of cities and regions of Russia are combined on a mock-up field of almost 800 m². The dynamics and saturation of the layout give hundreds of moving compositions and cars, lighting and sound effects, thousands of miniature figures that make up genre scenes. And the amazing effect of changing the day and night does not leave indifferent any visitor!

Address: Tsvetochnaya st. 16
Price: 480 ₽
Loft Project Floors Exhibition Hall
The most popular example of industry building transformation into shopping and recreation center. Have you ever wanted to get familiar with hipster style? Welcome to 'Floors'! Hand-made stores, craft clothes and accessories, fancy snacks and beverages, swing park, top roof observation deck – all that you will find in Loft project. And in summer you can attend open-air concert on the rooftop space of the Loft.

Address: Ligovskiy prospekt, 74
Faberge Museum
The basis of the collection of the museum is the world's largest collection of works by Carl Faberge, which includes nine famous imperial Easter eggs. Nevertheless, this museum will entertain you by its broad range of other exhibitions that are dedicated to Russian culture. Even the interior designs of the museum are masterpieces themselves! Immerse yourself in the luxury of emperorhood.

Address: nab. reki Fontanki, d. 21

Price: 450-700 ₽
Erarta Museum
Perhaps, most ambiguous museum in Saint Petersburg. It is the modern art place with amazing and outstanding exhibitions and installation rooms U-space, get ready to take a lot of pictures. Just some examples: Coca-Cola fridge in the shape of coffin by Sergey Shnurov, giant Chupa Chups, outlines of the Lord's Supper under the huge canvas – the small drop in the ocean.

Address: 29 Liniya V.O., 2

Price: 550 ₽
New Holland Island
Brand new recreation area in the heart of Saint Petersburg. This place changed many purposes: military storage, the prison, the scientific laboratory, the water tank and even a swimming pool. Today this place combines leisure facilities and shopping, apart from hand-made stores you can find there a ballet school, a fighting club, barber shop, a night club, a stage with temporary performances and the big grassy field for chilling out and picnics. This place is so different, in summer you will find a small sandy beach just near a small pond decorated with pink flamingos.

Address: nab. Admiralteyskogo kanala, 2